Mercedes benz

Brand identity & brand experience

Mercedes launched a range of new electric vans which have improved battery power. They are eager to push the boundaries with an innovative and unconventional approach to sales.

Competitor and audience research

Appealing to the growing trend of nomadic van life. The van's sleek design and eco-friendly features make it the perfect vehicle for those seeking adventure while connecting them to nature,

There has been an increase of new van users that want an alternative lifestyle adopted by many nomads looking to live a basic lifestyle, while being able to travel the world with freedom and ease. Simply put, they want to be more connected to the world and to nature.

The romanticism of van life

Visual identity

Visual identity that reflects its eco-friendly and adventurous nature

The logo and branding feature natural elements, such as mountains and lightening, to emphasize the van's connection to nature. The typography is modern and bold, reflecting the van's advanced technology and sleek design.

Digital presence

Website & social media

Website and social media campaigns