About me

Hey, I'm Kelly. Let's create something awesome together. 🀟

I'm a senior product designer hailing from the scenic city of Edinburgh. My journey began in 2017, and since then, I've developed a special fondness for the challenges that SaaS platforms present. I find excitement in exploring the vast expanse of potential where photography, AI, and 3D intersect with digital products.


Storytelling through photography is how I like to share my experiences. πŸ“·

From the intricate details of architecture, vibrant colours of culture to delicious foods. I share my experiences through photography, which allows me to tell stories in my own unique way.

Edinburgh is beautifully lit at night and illuminates the old tenement buildings
Sillouette of ~Kelly chen profile in the moon
Light show of purple lights in a forest
Temple incense stick to offer as prayer to the gods
A homemade tradditional meal in China during chinese new year Hakka style
Firey steak sizzling on a fan of wagyu steak
Octopus in detail and up close
Hong kong colourful flats and banners
Myself with chinese temples in the background
A hidden away bar tavern in the bustling alleyways of Edinburgh near waverley steps
Black and white photo of cathedral in england
COlourful temples of Hong Kong

Get to know me

Things that helped shape me as a designer and as a person πŸ“–


My mum said I shouldn't do it... so, of course, I went ahead and did it ❀️

Doctor. Lawyer. Business owner. That's what my very traditional asian mum wanted to be to do as a career but I couldn't picture myself in those shoes. Now as a digital designer, I'm trained to put myself in many people's shoes.

Ah the irony.

Speaking at a design conference about techs

(Caledonian Conference)

Speaking on the technologies available in SaaS/digital publishing industry


Breaking into the design industry with Moo.com

Having been mentored by the design director of Moo.com. I quickly fell in love with the complexity of designing for web apps and digital design.Β Before I knew it, I had a newfound interest in software and digital services.

Moo.com Logo


Built a digital presence for VTO, a fantastic local charity in Glasgow that tutors children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The director, Douglas, asked me to design a website and user experience that effectively communicates the organisation's mission and impact. I was eager to help in any way I can after hearing first-hand (from families and tutors) how the charity has made a real difference. I wanted to use my skills to spread awareness, foster strong relationships with the community, and encourage continued engagement.

Volunteer tutors organisation charity in glasgow hosting a homework club for children

Homework club in action, led by VTO

Visit VTO's website πŸ”—


I'm now a lead UX designer at a small company with big ambitions

I love what I do and hope I can spread joy and knowledge everywhere I go.... but I've been told I tell really awful jokes so there's that....

UX designer Kelly Chen holding up a "The good card"

Designing for good event

"You're so cute that puppies and baby seals send picture of you to each other"

. . .
and that's me β˜€οΈ