Altogether travel

Altogether travel provides an accessible travel service

Altogether Travels, a travel company specialising in disability-friendly experiences, sought to improve user engagement. Hindered by limited social media presence, the challenge was to revitalise the brand while appealing to individuals seeking inclusive travel.

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Research ideal customer behaviour and frustrations
Define the goals based on the problems.
Define a relatable visual identity
Impact testing using prototypes


Reimagined Altogether Travels' visual identity to truly connect with their audience, ensuring a smooth user experience for all.

By researching customer behaviours and frustrations, I established clear goals that addressed their needs. Utilizing this insight, I developed a visual identity that resonated with the audience and tested its impact through prototypes. Through a UX-focused approach, including vibrant visuals and a compelling publication, Altogether Travels successfully reconnected with its audience, boosting brand recognition and loyalty.


An oh-no moment as the research lead us to believe that social media engagement isn't the way forward

Altogether Travels had originally intended to enhance its digital media presence as part of its marketing strategy. However, thorough research and analysis revealed valuable insights that prompted us to reconsider this approach. These insights shed light on the preferences and behaviours of our target audience, leading us to adjust our course of action.


67% of customers lacked a robust presence on social media platforms.

- survey of existing clients

The research highlighted that social media may not be the most effective channel for engaging with audience. As a result, the focus should be shifted towards alternative communication and engagement strategies.

At the majority of the audience maintained active email addresses

- gathered through an analysis of customer contact information.

With the prevalence of active email addresses among the audience, there is a clear opportunity to prioritise email marketing and direct communication channels for engaging with Altogether Travels' customers effectively.



Altogether Travels struggles to effectively connect with its audience due to ineffective communication strategies.

Despite offering disability-friendly travel experiences, the company's limited visibility on social media platforms hinders its ability to engage with potential customers, leading to missed opportunities for growth and impact.

The strategy

Define a relatable visual identity: The audience is captivated by exotic destinations . Altogether Travels makes these dreams a reality by facilitating accessible travel.

The branding strategy should incorporate elements of liveliness and vibrancy (think sun and sea), evoking the excitement and energy of exotic destinations while ensuring accessibility and practicality remain central to the overall user experience.

Strategy 2

The audience is captivated by exotic destinations . Altogether Travels makes these dreams a reality by facilitating accessible travel.

Considering that the audience regularly engages with their emails, we saw an opportunity to engage with clients incorporating a link to a digital publication. By seamlessly integrating the publication into their email experience, we increased engagement and visibility, ultimately strengthening the connection between Altogether Travels and its audience.



Altogether Travels experienced a 30% rise in website traffic within the first three months

The true impact lies not solely in monetary gains, click metrics, or download numbers, but rather in the method employed. Altogether Travels witnessed a surge in inquiries about accessible holidays, with individuals citing that they discovered tailored holiday options catering to their accessibility needs. This qualitative feedback underscores the meaningful connection forged between Altogether Travels and its audience